Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Printer.

Had to buy myself a new printer as other one died. I now have a Lexmark. I dived into the savings i got for all my cards, this printer is very good here is a few christmas cards i have done.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Again this one is the same image as the previous one .This time it is done using a triangle pryamid.

This image was made into decoupage using my 3D maker.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pointsetta Christmas Card

This Christmas card is one designs i made by my 3D cd rom. The first one i made the image into decoupage and the second one i made into to a pyramage. I also made up the background with the same cd rom.
Unfortunately you cannot see it very well in the photo.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Laura's Birthday card.

I made this for my Cousin's little girl Laura, i bought the fairy Digi stamp from Craftuprint and used pro markers to colour it in. I felt that she needed somthing else so i drew a toadstool and again with pro markes i coloured it in.
Considering i cannot draw at all i was rather proud of my toadstool so before i coloured it in I scanned it into my computer and saved it in my Digi stamps file.

Fathers Day Card.

One of my customers wanted a Fathers Day card with Horse s on so i found this image and with my 3d creater cd rom i made it into a pyramid and also again using the same cd rom i made the backing paper.

James Birthday Card.

This is a card i did for my cousin's 9 year old
James, he has his own chickens so i went over and took some photo's. He love his Cockeral the best and i got a good picture of it which i made into a pyramid and made up the card. James was please with the card.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dad's Birthday card

This is another card i made for my dad for my brother to give to him. This motorbike is a BSA, Rocket Gold Star, it also belongs to my parents. I took the image and loaded it onto my 3D creator and made up a pyramid. I also used the same cd rom for the background. Same with this card my dad was really pleased with it.

My dads Birthday card.

This card is for my dad the car in the image is a Ford Zodiac Convertable. The car belong's to my parents.
The photo was taken at a Vintage Steam rally. I took the image and uploaded on to my 3D creator cd rom and made it into a pryamid, again i made the background also through the same cd rom.
My dad was really pleased with the card and he said that it is a card that he doesnt want to get rid of.