Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fold up box.

This is a fold up flower box I have done.

Making up the Box.

Cut Card 27 x 13cm.
Score long side 1cm, 12cm, 14cm, and 25cm. (black lines are scored in diagram).
Leave 6cm on one side of box (see blue line in diagram).

Box Insert

Cut card 13 x 3 cm
Score long side 1cm (Valley fold) 12cm (Mountain fold)
Glue inside the box .

Decorate it. I used acetate to add my flowers onto the box.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Edwin the Cowboy.

I am a big fan of Magnolia stamps Tilda and Edwin. Here is Edwin as a cowboy, done with Spectrum Noir pencils and blender.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Snow on Acetate.

Buying Acetate with snow on is expensive.

All you need is a correction pen  and just dot it all over the Acetate.

Flippin Christmas by La Pashe.

 Using the original aperture La Pashe cards for the " Flippin" cards can work out quite expensive so i used either my Mini Cricut or my Grand Callibur i cut out the apertures on A4 card. The back ground of the "Flippin"  using "My Craft Studio" cd rom  to make the insert of the the card. This works out much cheaper to.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Spectrum noir pencils

I have recently discovered Spectrum Noir Pencils. And my view on them are brilliant i love them. However i did a simple test on them first,

At the time i did not have the proper blending solution so in picture A i used a pro marker blending pen and in picture B i used baby oil which was suggested to me by some members of my Facebook group Card Making Tips, i used them with pencil stubbs which you can buy quite cheaply on Ebay.
    I then asked for opinions on these on my group and the outcome was mainly B that was much better than A as it stood out more. Using the Pro marker blending pen is really not a good idea as it will ruin the pen. I now have the blending solution for the pencils and will update you on the outcome of the blending solution soon.

Tea Light card.

How to make.

Candle box 
Cut card 20cm by 13cm
Score along the short side  2cm and 18cm
Score along the long side  1cm,  3cm , 7cm and 9cm
Snip corners as shown in picture
To cut the aperture 2cm in the middle of the front of the box
leaving 1cm around the edges.
Cut acetate 15.5 cm x 3cm and glue to the inside of the box.
Make up box.

The Card
Cut card 26cm x18cm
Score along the long said at 10cm.
Before adding your box to the card to need to decorate the box side first.
Add your box leaving 1cm at the edge of the card.

Ooop i have seen to neglected my blog. i will up date it .